Members List

Last Name First Name Positionsort icon City Country
s.felix's picture
Serge Felix Webmaster Villeurbanne France
Corredor's picture
Corredor Ricardo Software Engineer Lyon France
Joerg Bernsdorf's picture
Bernsdorf Joerg Scientist in Charge - Partner 6 Aachen Germany
Sabine Roller's picture
Roller Sabine Scientist in Charge - partner 10 Siegen Germany
Francis Turjman's picture
Turjman Francis Scientific in Charge - Partner 9 Lyon France
Jerome Erath's picture
Erath Jerome Scientific in Charge - Partner 8 Paris France
Alfons Hoekstra's picture
Hoekstra Alfons G. Scientific in Charge - Partner 7 - University of Amsterdam Amsterdam The Netherlands
Eric Garcia's picture
Garcia Eric Scientific in Charge - Partner 5 Besançon France
Karim Zouaoui's picture
Zouaoui Karim Scientific in Charge - Partner 4 Montigny-le-Tilleul Belgium
Jean-Philippe Thiran's picture
Thiran Jean-Philippe Scientific in Charge - Partner 3 Lausanne Switzerland
Bastien Chopard's picture
Chopard Bastien Scientific in Charge - Partner 2 Carouge Switzerland
Eric Lorenz's picture
Lorenz Eric Researcher - partner 7 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Lampros Mountrakis's picture
Mountrakis Lampros Researcher - partner 7 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Simon Zimny's picture
Zimny Simon Researcher - partner 6 Aachen Germany
Daniel Ribeiro's picture
Ribeiro de Sousa Daniel Researcher - partner 4 Montigny-le-Tilleul Belgium
Shima Sepehri's picture
Sepehri Shima Researcher - partner 3 Lausanne Switzerland
Orestis Malaspinas's picture
Malaspinas Orestis Researcher - partner 2 Carouge Switzerland
Yann Sagon's picture
Sagon Yann Researcher - partner 2 Carouge Switzerland
Olivier Bernard's picture
Bernard Olivier Researcher - partner 1 Lyon France
Patrick Clarysse's picture
Clarysse Patrick Researcher - partner 1 Lyon France
Eduardo Davila's picture
Davila Eduardo Researcher - partner 1 Lyon France
Sebastien Valette's picture
Valette Sebastien Researcher - partner 1 Lyon France
Leonardo Flórez Valencia's picture
Flórez Valencia Leonardo Researcher - partner 1 Bogota Colombia
Laurent Navarro's picture
Navarro Laurent Researcher - partner 1 Saint-Etienne France
Frederic Cervenansky's picture
Cervenansky Frederic Researcher - partner 1 Lyon France
Carolina Vallecilla's picture
Vallecilla Carolina Researcher - partner 1 Lyon France
g.courbebaisse's picture
Guy Courbebaisse Project Leader Villeurbanne France
Guy Courbebaisse's picture
Courbebaisse Guy PI and Scientific Coordinator Lyon France
Julien Vouillot's picture
Vouillot Julien Partner 5 Besançon France
Omer Eker's picture
Eker Omer MD, PhD Student Montpellier France
Frédérique Foulon's picture
Foulon Frédérique European Project Manager of THROMBUS project Lyon France
Kamil Chodzynski's picture
Chodzynski Kamil Montigny-le-Tilleul Belgium
Droz-Bartholet's picture
Droz-Bartholet Lionel Besançon France