A successful kick-off meeting

THROMBUS Kick-off Meeting was held on 22nd-23rd March 2011 in the premises of CNRS in Lyon, France.

Thanks to Guy Courbebaisse and CNRS for having hosted the meeting, it has been a very successful event.

To start the meeting, a general presentation of the project, overall strategy, dissemination and ethics aspects were presented by Guy Courbebaisse, coordinator of THROMBUS European project, and Frederique Foulon, European manager of THROMBUS project. Then, administrative and financial management aspects were presented by Nadine Brochet from CNRS. Contractual documents, reporting and rules concerning the budget were reviewed. And then, each partner presented his/her laboratory, research team, fields of expertise and role in the project.

The afternoon of the first day was devoted to five conferences and discussion about the state of the art in each THROMBUS project field.

On the second day, the main deliverables were reviewed and discussed, and in addition the deliverables of year 1 were emphasised. Then, work packages presentations have been done by each work packages leader.

Wednesday afternoon was dedicated to open cross work packages discussions in order to lay the foundations of the project and organise work between partners.

The meeting was also very successful from the social point of view. Lunches were on site of the meeting, which facilitated interactions and informal discussions between partners.

To sum up we can say that THROMBUS project has started in a very good working atmosphere.