Additional computational resources

A collaboration between CREATIS informatics group, Thrombus WP5, and the computing center of the National institute of nuclear and particle physics (IN2P3) allowed Thrombus project to enlarge its computational resources for data management and complex algorithms execution in distributed systems.

The IN2P3 ( is a division of CNRS that its purpose is to promote and unite research activities on physics domain. The computing center (CC) is a service and research unit responsible for providing computing resources for physics studies. Nevertheless, this infrastructure can be exploited not only in nuclear and particle physics, but also in other complex and resource consuming problems, such as medical image processing or computer fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation.

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Due to the increasingly amount of data acquired on Thrombus project, as well as the necessity for a distributed computing infrastructure to reduce time on the blood-flow and thrombosis formation simulations, IN2P3-CC provides access to:

iRods, a data management and storage system that helps us …

  • to manage and integrate heterogeneous data
  • keep a standard well-structured directories hierarchy among partners
  • preserve a reliable and delocalized storage point accessible by researchers in Europe
  • add semantic information to files and folders by including metadata
  • securely store and backup data during the project life and to assure its availability in the following months


CC-Cluster, a distributed system that improves performance of parallel computing tasks (e.g. CFD simulations using Lattice-Boltzmann method) by means of a set of multi-core machines running under UNIX operating system.



We would like to thank the IN2P3-CC for these resources and the technical advices for a proper use of this technology. Special thanks to Sorina Camarasu-Pop (CREATIS), Yonny Cardenas (IN2P3) and Pascal Calvat (IN2P3).