First Amendment of THROMBUS project

In January 2012 an amendment about THROMBUS project has been submitted and accepted by the European Commission. The amendment focuses on the following items:

  • Addition of a new subcontractor to CNRS – partner 1: Association de Recherche en Neuro-lmagerie Gui de Chauliac (ARNGDC). The aim of the consortium is to subcontract the acquisition of medical imaging sequences dedicated to the study of the behavior of IA. The purpose of this collaboration is to provide relevant data in order to perform the follow-up of 10 patients receiving an endovascular treatment, along one year.
  •  Change of the name of the first and the second Authorized Representative of CNRS – partner 1
  • Change of the name of the Scientific in charge of scientific and technical/technological aspects of EV3 – partner 8