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Article on THROMBUS project in “Manip info”

 An article “Mieux guérir l’anévrisme intracrânien” has been published in France in the magazine “Manip info” in issue 39 of May 2011

Future article in the 6th VPH NoE newsletter

The management of THROMBUS project has been invitated to submit an article about THROMBUS project and intracranial aneurysms for the 6th VPH NoE newsletter in June 2011.

Article on THROMBUS project in “Le Journal du Médecin”

ULB- Partner 4:
An article “Le Projet Thrombus: Modéliser les anévrismes intracrâniens “ has been published in Belgium in “Le Journal du Médecin” on 08/02/2011

THROMBUS project on EPFL website

Partner 3- EPFL has announced Thrombus Project. It has been a start news on EPFL webpage and on-line news channel:

Press release

CNRS – Partner 1, a press release has been sent in France on 22/03/2011 to specialized and local press. This led to several articles on THRMOBUS project