Second Amendment of THROMBUS project

During summer 2013 an amendment about THROMBUS project has been submitted and accepted by the European Commission.

The amendment, retroactive to February 1st, 2013, focuses on the following items:

  • Extension of the project from 36 to 39 months with the objective to organise two european conferences by the end of April 2014. During those final conferences, the results issued from THROMBUS project will be presented to the medical and scientific communities
    As a consequence of that expansion of 3 months, the third year of the project will last 15 months and will end on April 30th, 2014
  • Termination of the participation of the German Research School for Simulation Sciences (GRS – partner 6). GRS – partner 6 left the consortium on 01/02/2013 but Joerg Bernsdorf, scientist in charge of GRS, stays in THROMBUS project as an external expert via the University of Geneva (UNIGE - partner 2)
  • Addition of a new partner: the University of Siegen (USIEGEN – partner 10), with Sabine Roller as scientist in charge

Note to the attention of THROMBUS members: Letter of the Scientific Coordinator