THROMBUS Mid-Term Meeting - Month18

THROMBUS Mid-Term Meeting took place in Geneva, in Switzerland on 12th-14th September 2012.

Thanks to Bastien Chopard for the perfect organization of the meeting, it has been a very fruitful and friendly event.

Wednesday September 12th, the first day of the meeting, was devoted to the plenary meeting. An overview of the first 18 months of the project was presented by Guy Courbebaisse, and Frederique Foulon (recommendations from Experts about the first technical review meeting, reminder of the objectives, Gantt chart, new members, growing of the network, next deliverables and milestones, financial point, website, activity of the consortium and dissemination.

Then, Pr Alain Bonafé (neuroradiologist from CHU Montpellier), was invited to present a talk about Clinical feedback on stents flow diverter, Techniques of stents’ implantation and Thrombus formation: thrombosis growing up to rupture

The afternoon was devoted to work packages reporting: main achievements and demonstrations of results were presented by work packages leaders and persons involved in the WPs.

The morning of the second, day in parallel with the Steering Committee (to discuss main important management points), working sessions has been organized in order to encourage discussions and to enable technical peoples to work together. Working sessions were continued on Thursday afternoon and Friday.

The meeting was very successful both from the scientific and social point of view. Thanks to all THROMBUS members for their involvement in the project and the quality of their work.