THROMBUS Plenary Annual Meeting - Year 2

THROMBUS Annual Plenary Meeting took place in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands on 5th-7th February 2013.

Thanks to Alfons Hoekstra for the organization of the meeting, it has been a nice and friendly event.

The first day of the meeting - Tuesday, 5thFebruary 2013 - was devoted to the plenary meeting. Guy Courbebaisse and Frederique Foulon presented an overview of the WP1 – Management.
Then, two External invited speakers presented their work:

  • Ed van Bavel (dept of Biomedical Engineering and Physics, AMC): “Personalized hemodynamics for intracranial aneurysm risk of rupture assessment”
  • Henk Marquering (dept of Biomedical Engineering and Physics, dept of Radiology, AMC): “Coiling-induced flow changes in the middle cerebral artery”

In the afternoon, work packages leaders and persons involved in the WPs presented work packages reporting: main achievements and demonstrations of results.

On the morning of the second day - Wednesday, 6thFebruary 2013 - in parallel with the Governing Board, fruitful working sessions has been organized in order to encourage discussions and to enable technical peoples to work together on:

  • Data processing (medical imaging and image processing), Stent modelling - WP3 & WP4
  • Numerical simulation and biological model - WP2 & WP4Pipeline of application, Collaborative online system (Covotem, Creatools & Palabos) - WP3, WP4 & WP5
  • Working sessions were continued on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday 7thFebruary 2013.


The meeting was very successful both from the scientific and social point of view. Almost all the participants were hosted in the same hotel in the city center, which facilitated interactions and informal discussions from breakfast to dinner. Thanks to all THROMBUS members for their involvement in the project and the quality of their work.