THROMBUS Newsletter - January 2012

THROMBUS: A quantitative model of thrombosis in intracranial aneurysms, is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission in the Seventh Framework Programme in biomedical research field. The Project has started on February 1st, 2011.

THROMBUS project: the first year in brief

The first year of THROMBUS project is ending, it is time to make a summary of the main scientific points:

Cerebral aneurysms are undesired local deformations of the wall of a brain vessel whose rupture can be lethal. The natural repair of an aneurysm is through a thrombosis process that fills in the cavity; eventually leading to the remodelling of the wall vessel. The objective of THROMBUS is the fundamental understanding of the thrombosis mechanisms in intracranial aneurysms.To make progress in this domain, the TRHROMBUS project will implement models to provide a realistic numerical simulation of the genesis and of the growth of the thrombus by taking in consideration medical imaging, biological data and medical data. In consequence, the architecture of the project is based on the triptych ‘In vivo – In vitro – In silico.

After one year passed, the consortium works on the different bricks of the project and relevant results arise.

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THROMBUS website

You can find more information about the project on THROMBUS website


The website is a key tool to provide information about the project and news of its activities and results, with a clear and easy-to-navigate interface. It contains information about the management structure, contact points and activities of the Projects including conferences, workshops, symposia, list of potential host groups for technical visits. Links to publications and articles in scientific and technical journals, proceedings, job opportunities, project opportunities, PhD and MSc studentships will also be available.
The website is updated on a regular basis, so come to visit it often!

Communication about THROMBUS

Since the beginning of THROMBUS network, we aim to communicate about the project in order to inform and involve the general public as well as the specific clinical and scientific targets potentially interested in the Project. Thus, a dissemination strategy has taken place from the beginning of THROMBUS project and will intensify as results will become available.

At the moment, THROMBUS project has been relayed in the media:

  • THROMBUS project is involved in the European VPH community via the VPH Network of Excellence. An article about THROMBUS project has been published in the 6th VPH NoE newsletter in July 2011. More details here
  • THROMBUS project has been presented in Japan by Dr. Joerg Bernsdorf from GRS (partner 6). More details here
  • THROMBUS project participates to the Biomed Town Portal. More details here

Other News

THROMBUS Plenary Meeting at Year 1 will be organized by Karim Zouaoui (ULB - partner 4) in Charleroi, Bergium, on 12 & 13 March 2012.