THROMBUS Newsletter - September 2013

Biological model of the thrombosis

From the beginning of 2013, advanced experimentations in biology done in CHU Charleroi, led to the caracterization of different components of the blood contributing to the thrombus formation. In particular, the platelet behaviour has been observed by using a holographic microscope in a kinetic model on whole blood.
At the same time, the collaboration with the Harvard Medical School (Garcia-Cardena Lab) has been very fruitfull allowing to caracterize the answer of the endothelium submitted to the wall shear stress variations along the heart cycle.
From these experiments, biological constitutive laws have been established and implemented within the code of numerical simulation dedicated to the thrombosis modelling.

Second Amendment

During summer 2013 a second amendment about THROMBUS project has been submitted to the European Commission. The amendment, retroactive to February 1st, 2013, focuses on the following items:

  • Extension of the project from 36 to 39 months with the objective to organise an european conference by the end of April 2014 where the results issued from THROMBUS project will be presented to the medical and scientific communities
  • Termination of the participation of the German Research School for Simulation Sciences (GRS – partner 6). GRS – partner 6 left the consortium on 01/02/2013 but Joerg Bernsdorf, scientist in charge of GRS, stays in THROMBUS project as an external expert via  the University of Geneva (UNIGE - partner 2)
  • Addition of a new partner: the University of Siegen (USIEGEN – partner 10), with Sabine Roller as scientist in charge

Patent resulting from the project

As a result of part of the work done within THROMBUS project, an European patent has been filed in March 2013 (EP13158858.4).

Indeed University of Mons and Université Libre de Bruxelles - CHU Charleroi (ULB, partner 4) have developed a test bench to reproduce and study brain aneurysms in-vitro. Given the difficulties to study aneurysms in vivo, this tool should allow to study safely the behavior of new flow diverters subject to real conditions and to understand the changes in flow within the aneurysm during their treatment. Read more

Thrombus project on You Tube

Thrombus project is now present on You Tube, among the available videos you can see: 

  • A presentation of THROMBUS members here
  • The in-vitro testbed to study cardiovascular diseases  here
  • Blood flow simulation in intracranial aneurysm here

Notable publications within THROMBUS project



More details about conferences and oral presentations, papers in proceedings and in refereed journals are available here

Other News

THROMBUS Plenary Meeting at Month 30 took place in Charleroi, Belgium, on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th September 2013.