WP3: Image Processing

In this WP we will develop, implement and validate the image processing techniques necessary to:

  • develop and validate fast, robust and accurate 3D image segmentation methods to extract the 3D geometry of aneurysms and adjacent vessels in CTA and MRA datasets,
  • develop and validate tissue segmentation and classification techniques to segment the thrombus and the external wall of an aneurysm in CTA and MRA datasets,
  • develop and validate robust and precise methods to track the motion of the aneurysm walls in 4D (3D + time) dynamic EEG-gated CTA datasets,
  • Virtual stent deployment adapted to each type of stent

This WP covers also the selection of medical images sequences .collected by CHUV, CHU, HCL.

Leader: Jean-Philippe Thiran - EPFL, Partner 3.