WP3, WP4, WP5 meetings in April 2011

Several work package meetings have been organized in April 2011.

  • WP3 Technical Meeting, 18/04/2011, Lausanne, Switzerland
    Topic: Demonstration of Covotem and technical discussion between Jean-Philippe Thiran (EPFL, Partner 3) and Eric Garcia (COVALIA, Partner 5) concerning the image processing part dedicated to the collaborative system.
  • WP5 Meeting, 21/04/2011, Lyon, France
    Topic: Collaborative system and Human Machine Interface (HMI) – Strategy and informatics means.
    6 attendants: Guy Courbebaisse (CNRS - Partner 1), Patrick Clarysse (CNRS - Partner 1), Eduardo Davila (CNRS - Partner 1), Maciej Orkisz, (CNRS - Partner 1), Eric Garcia (COVALIA, Partner 5), Francis Turjman (HCL, Partner 9)
    Minutes of the meeting
  • WP4 technical meeting, 28/04/2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Topic: Multiscale numerical simulation taking in consideration biological parameters and the associated constitutive laws.
    5 attendants : Alfons G. Hoekstra (UvA, Partner 7), Bastien Chopard and Rafik Ouared (UNIGE, Partner 2), Joerg Bernsdorf (GRS, Partner 6), Simon Zimny (GRS, Partner 6)
    Minutes of the meeting
  • WP3 Meeting, 28/04/2011, Lyon, France
    Topic: Choice of medical imaging modalities (Angiography; MRI, CT...) to study the aneurysm behaviours before and after treatment.
    6 attendants: Guy Courbebaisse (CNRS, Partner 1), Francis Turjman (HCL, Partner 9), Jean-Philippe Thiran (EPFL, Partner 3), Shima Sepehri (EPFL, Partner 3), Olivier Bernard (CNRS, Partner 1), Thomas Philiber (CNRS, Partner 1)
    Minutes of the meeting