Partner 1 - CREATIS - INSA Lyon - UMR 5220 - CNRS

CREATIS Laboratory

CREATIS ( is a biomedical imaging research laboratory whose main areas of excellence and international influence are linked to two fundamental problems, namely:

  • Identification of major health issues that can be addressed by imaging
  • Identification of theoretical barriers in biomedical imaging related to signal and image processing, modelling and numerical simulation.

CREATIS meets these challenges through a multidisciplinary approach, based on a matrix organisation which stimulates interaction between six research teams working in information and communication science and technology, engineering sciences and life sciences.

CREATIS is a multi institutes laboratories : CNRS UMR 5220 - INSA Lyon - INSERM U 1206 - University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 .

CREATIS is member of the Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence (VPH NOE -

Research Team : Imaging of the Heart-Vessels-Lungs

The project of this team is centred on the development of image analysis methods for the study of biological and medical phenomena in evolution, using multi-modality imaging as the basis.


The team for THROMBUS is composed of Researchers and Engineers whose expertise concerns the image processing and the scientific computing. In addition the informatics team of CREATIS supports the project and brings its knowledge in the implementation of the VPH ToolKit 'CREATOOLS'.

To date 2 Post Docs, 2 Ph.D. student and 2 engineers are employed by Thrombus.