Partner 6 - German Research School for Simulation Sciences - GRS

The German Research School for Simulation Sciences GmbH is a joint venture of RWTH Aachen University and Research Center Juelich (Forschungszentrum Jülich). Equipped with dedicated modern facilities in Aachen and on the Jülich campus, and privileged access to world-class computing and visualization resources, the mission of the GRS is to provide a unique environment for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and education in the applications and methods of simulation in science and engineering. Our focus is particularly on the fields of Applied Supercomputing in Engineering, Parallel Programming, Computational Biophysics and Computational Materials Science. In it’s PhD and Masters’ program the GRS offers advanced interdisciplinary graduate training for the next generation of computational scientists and engineers.

The focus of the group "Applied Supercomputing in Engineering" is on simulations of large technical applications, in particular in the field of fluid dynamics. Our current main research topics are multi-physics and multi-scale problems as well as the efficient realization of such problems on high performance computers. The GRS (Jorg Bernsdorf) has an extensive experience in EU Framework projects, including COAST and @neurIST, among others