Partner 7 - Universiteit van Amsterdam - UvA

Universiteit van Amsterdam - UvA

The Section Computational Science (SCS) research group is part of the Science Faculty of the University of Amsterdam and resides in the Informatics Institute. SCS aims to be a worldwide key player in the school of thought on computational science in research and education, focusing on applications in Biomedical research.

UvA (A.G. Hoekstra) has an extensive experience on multi-scale multi-science modeling of biomedical systems as well as many publications detailing the Lattice Boltzmann method and its applications in Hemodynamics. These application range from systolic flows in the human abdominal aorta and in-stent restenosis using a Complex Automata (CxA) approach, to providing environments for simulation of blood flow in patient specific arteries through HemoSolve.

Research Team : Multiscale model for thrombosis

The THROMBUS team of UvA is working on the formalization of the current thrombosis model using the CxA multiscale methodology and the development of a platelet and red blood cell suspension micro-model in close contact with CHU which can improve the current thrombosis model with new biological observations.


The team for THROMBUS is composed of researchers with a strong background on modeling and simulations and expertise on High Performance Computing.

To date also Eric Lorenz (Post Doc) and Lampros Mountrakis (Ph.D. candidate) are employed by Thrombus.