Patent resulting from the project

As a result of the collaborations within the THROMBUS project, a patent has been filed in March 2013.

It concerns a test bench allowing to reproduce complex pulsed flow in silicone aneurysms designed from three-dimensional images of patients' aneurysms and placed in a scanner.

Collaborations between the partners of the project have been reinforced to perform experiments with the test bench.

The test bench has been developed by the University of Mons and the University of Brussels (partner 4).



Phantoms of aneurysms in silicone have been designed from images of real three-dimensional aneurysms

Medical imaging sequences have been recorded by the CHU Montpellier - Department of Neuroradiology (subcontractor of partner 1). Then, in vitro experiments have been performed with stents flow diverters (provided by partner 8) deployed in phantoms of saccular aneurysms (produced by partner 3). Then the test bench (from partner 4) mimics different pulsatile blood flows in the stented phantoms allowing to analyse the effect on the intra-saccular flux as instance.


Reference of the European patent

Reference of the patent: EP 13158858 - 'Test Bench for in vitro study of Aneurysms, Blood Vessels and Stents'. More details can be found on the websites of the University of Brussels and the University of Mons.