Work packages

5 work packages

The Thrombus project about intracranial aneurysms has been divided in 5 work packages (WP)

List of work packages

WP Leader

- WP1ManagementGuy Courbebaisse
Partner 1 - CNRS
- WP2Bio-mechanicsKarim Zouaoui BoudjeltiaPartner 4 - ULB
- WP3Image ProcessingJean-Philippe ThiranPartner 3 - EPFL
- WP4Multiscale Numerical SimulationBastien ChopardPartner 2 - UNIGE
- WP5IntegrationEric GarciaPartner 5 - COVALIA

WP1 - Management

The objectives of the management team of THROMBUS project are:

  • Efficient communication between partners and with European Commission.
  • Productive budget control of project resources.
  • Timely deliverance of projects results and deliverables inside project constraints.
  • Dissemination of findings towards the Research and User communities.

Leader: Guy Courbebaisse - CNRS, Partner 1.

WP2: Bio-mechanics

The aim of this WP is to validate the existence of a shear stress threshold below which thrombosis initiates, and to improve this model when needed, by in-vitro experiments taking into account other biological parameters than platelets alone. In addition in-vivo measurements will be done to determine real values of pressures and velocities in intra aneurysms.

Leader: Karim Zouaoui - ULB, Partner 4.

WP3: Image Processing

In this WP we will develop, implement and validate the image processing techniques necessary to:

  • develop and validate fast, robust and accurate 3D image segmentation methods to extract the 3D geometry of aneurysms and adjacent vessels in CTA and MRA datasets,
  • develop and validate tissue segmentation and classification techniques to segment the thrombus and the external wall of an aneurysm in CTA and MRA datasets,
  • develop and validate robust and precise methods to track the motion of the aneurysm walls in 4D (3D + time) dynamic EEG-gated CTA datasets,
  • Virtual stent deployment adapted to each type of stent

This WP covers also the selection of medical images sequences .collected by CHUV, CHU, HCL.

Leader: Jean-Philippe Thiran - EPFL, Partner 3.

WP4: Multiscale Numerical Simulation

Adapt a biological model of thrombosis and a Lattice Boltzmann model for blood flow and merge into a multiscale model of thrombosis in cerebral aneurysms, using the Complex Automata approach. Validate and calibrate the numerical model by comparing simulations with in-vitro and in-vivo observations, focussing on the evolution and the nature of thrombus formed in stented aneurysms. Develop an optimization tool to explore the design space of flow modifier stents.

Leader: Bastien Chopard - UNIGE, Partner 2.

WP5: Integration

The goal of this work package is to bring together all the ingredients of the thrombus project in order to achieve the two following objectives:

  • Offer to the scientific and medical community a validated multiscale model of thrombosis in cerebral aneurysms.
  • Provide the VPH community with new computer tools and models that can be used, further developed and that will be the basis on which an aid to decision and treatment recommendations can be built.

Leader: Eric Garcia - COVALIA, Partner 5.