Reports about the second year of THROMBUS project

The second Technical Review Meeting validating the second Year for the project THROMBUS took place in Brussels on the 10th April 2013.

All the deliverables have been approved and the project has been assessed in good progress.

List of deliverables submitted during year 2:


Del. no.


Deliverable name


Delivery date


D5.2Collaborative online system: progress report13
D5.3Validation plan and strategy: report13
D2.1Red Blood Shape effect on platelets adhesion14
D2.2Adhesion and aggregation of platelets14
D4.2Multiscale thrombosis model18
D3.5Virtual stent deployment22
D.3.3Aneurysm segmentation algorithm23

Wall motion quantification

D1.4Dissemination progress Report24
D4.3Multiscale numerical model